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This website can be used as a guide to lots of interesting geological places across southwest England and is designed for students and / or geology enthusiasts or those who just want to learn more about the rocks under their feet. To start exploring, head to the interactive map to find places near you. Each site description has a map, a little bit of information about the rocks & minerals, how the geology came to be and a gallery. If you would like more information, references are provided.

If you would like to know more about the geological history of southwest England, you can start on the Variscan Orogeny or Cornubian Batholith pages. And if you’re just curious about a certain rock type, you can learn more about granites and lamprophyres, including what they are and how and why they form.

About the author

I’m Beth and I’m from Cornwall, southwest England. My PhD was on “high tech” metals in the granites of southwest England and I worked as a geoscientist in academia and industry for a few years. These days, I work in the humanitarian sector. When home, I occasionally work on projects relating to planning, cultural geography, art and natural resources – get in touch if this is of interest. My Twitter is @CornubianBeth

Can I use information from this website?

This website contains information collected from my PhD, some of which made it into the thesis and subsequent papers, as well as photos and notes from walks around southwest England in my spare time. Where information is from published work, this is referenced. Photos all belong to myself (unless stated otherwise), and can be used for educational purposes, but not for commercial use. If you want to use something from the website, and are unsure, get in touch!

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Note that several of the final paper edits are paywalled, the pre-prints are freely available. If you would like a copy of a final edited paper, please get in touch.

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    • University press release [University of Exeter] / Geochemical news [link] / Phys.org [link]
    • …there was also an appearance of BBC radio to talk about this research…!
    • The paper became the number 1 downloaded paper for the journal in December 2017.
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    • The paper became the number 1 downloaded paper for the journal in September 2016.
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  • PhD Thesis 2015: Processes controlling critical metal (Li, Be, Ga, Ge, Nb, Ta, In, Sn, Sb, W and Bi) distribution in the peraluminous granites of the Cornubian Batholith. Available from the British Library: [PDF]

  • Consultation on a mixed media art project exploring historical mining landscapes with textile artist Jo Polack.
  • Photography project about The Global Sand Crisis with photographer Josie Purcell: Harena Now.
  • Tracing Granite: In Search of a White Cross article with artist and quarryman David Paton, 2017: https://groundwork.art/tracing-granite/
  • ShelterBox Mexican earthquake update September 2017 (video).

  • Contributions to: Webb et al, 2020. Towards Healthier Homes in Humanitarian Settings: Proceedings of the multi-sectoral shelter & health learning day 14th May 2020. [PDF]
  • Simons B, 2020. Improving our knowledge and practice on shelter self-recovery. CARE Insights Blogpost
  • Ethiopia Shelter & NFI Cluster Strategy 2019-21 [Online]
  • Simons B, 2019. Tropical Weather and the Humanitarian Response, Royal Meteorological Society Conference – Tropical Cyclones: From Science to Mitigation. [Link]
  • Contributions to: Ethiopia Country Profile, Shelter Cluster 2018 [Online]
  • ShelterBox: Distribution Guidance & SOPs, Emergency Procedure (EOPs).