Use the map below to explore the different geological sites across the southwest. They’ve been subdivided by “type”. Click the legend button in the top left to toggle the different rock types / features on and off. Some locations have more than one feature. If you’d rather see an alphabetical list of all the sites, please go here.

Information on this website is provided for reference only. You should ensure that you have permission from the landowner and take safety precautions when visiting sites. Always check tide timetables before visiting coastal sites and remain aware of cliff falls. The website owner takes no responsibility for anything that may happen if you choose to visit any sites.

Sample collecting is not permitted without permission from the landowner(s) or relevant conservation body. Note that most of the areas on this website are protected as Special Sites of Scientific Interest (SSSIs), are in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beuty (AONB) or are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.